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First Alliance Capital offers a wide selection of equipment leasing programs with an array of Payments Structures and End of Term Options that best suits your business needs for almost any type of equipment that you are considering:

Capital Lease- This lease has the characteristics of Purchase Agreement in being able to use equipment while having little or no Upfront costs and more manageable fixed payments for you (see Benefits of Leasing).

Operating Lease (True Lease)- This lease has the characteristics of a Rental Agreement while giving you ( Lessee ) the right to claim 100%* of the lease payments as a deduction (see Benefits of Leasing).

Working Capital – A loan having no specific designation as to purpose of use.

Master Lease- This lease structure let’s you obtain additional equipment under the original Lease Contract agreed to, without having to renegotiate a new Lease Contract.

Sale Leaseback- This lease involves the sale of your equipment to the Lessor and the subsequent lease of the same equipment back to you, while freeing up your Capital.


Account Receivable Financing- This program assists you in enhancing the benefits of any outstanding Receivables and improving cash flow.

Purchase Order Financing- This program assists you in financing your pending Purchase Orders and improves cash flow.

*Please consult with your certified accountant or tax advisor

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